The Minutes of the Meeting of the Birtley Parish Council which was held in the Village Hall on 7th August 2007 commencing 8 pm.

1 Present Cllrs EN Coulson (Chairman), WG White, J Robson,
Mrs SW Crone, Cllr Ms A Lowes,
Also present: Clerk Robert Macfarlane, Cllr Alex Kerr and twelve members of the public

2 Apologies Cllr DRB Burn and TDC Cllr N Ridley

3 Declaration of Interest None

4 Minutes Minutes of the previous meeting held on 15th May and 26th July having been circulated earlier were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

5 Matters Arising
Seat and Gift Presentation – Wark PC want to know who would like to attend the presentation to Flora Hewitson.
Notice Board – Further investigation required for need, site and quality.

6 Communications All councillors were circulated with a list of correspondence

Risk Management, Fishnets grant funding, NSP Infonet, TDC Council Forum Feedback Sheet, Code of Conduct Booklet, TDC Planning Training Update, TDC Parish Forum 9th July, War Memorial Trust Grant, NALC Brief on Code of Conduct, TDC State of the Area debate 5th July, Standards Committee Nomination, TDC Overview and Scrutiny, BT Notification of Phone Changes, War Memorial Trust Small Grant Scheme, Mineral & Waste Development Framework, SLCC – subscription, Road Link Annual report, Talking Tynedale, CCN Newsletter, NCC Annual Report, NCC Tynedale Area Committee, Environmental Champions Newsletter, TDC Minutes, Northumberland Minerals and Waste Development Framework

 Parish Transport Representative – Chairman to act as representative
 Playing Field Fencing – awaiting price from P Milburn.

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7 Roads
Millknock Quarry –The condition of the road (after quarry transport work) has deteriorated. Melvin Richardson was to contact Howard Cotterill from the quarry. Cllr Kerr given details of this.
Temporary Road Closures – C202 from 18th August (three weeks)
U5026 Redesmouth to Cock Play 9th July for three months.
Pipe collapse under road – Near Dan’s Wood just before Catreen. Cllr Crone to pursue this with John Davis NCC Roads.

8 Footpaths
No matters to discuss.

9 Planning
20070574 Construction of 2 No holiday chalets Blindburn Hall Wark NE48 3HE

20070438 Steel farm Bellingham NE48 3ERZ TDC granted permission 17th May

20070383 (Amend 20060051) Construction of Gin Gan extension to unit 2 Buteland Farm Bellingham NE48 2EX TDC granted permission 30th May

Green Rigg and Ray joint Public Inquiry BERR and Planning Inspectorate (TBA)

20050434 Erection and Operation of 50m high wind monitoring mast (24 months)
Green Rigg Fell, Birtley NPC objected. TDC Granted permission July 07

20070091 Construction of barn for stabling West House 5 Buteland Heights Redesmouth Bellingham NE48 3ER TDC Granted approval 14th March 2007

Tynedale Local Development Framework – Site Allocations Consultation
The members of the public shared their views and observations on the three sites put forward for development.
SA083 Northumbrian Water
SA227 Land Factor for Newcastle Diocese
SA249 Northumberland Estates
Clerk to send a letter reflecting the views of those present to Tynedale Council.

10 Reports
Village Hall No report
MTCT The Hadrian Wall Company have asked the Trust for a list of businesses within its area. The Trust will take up this task with its constituent members.
The trust is investigating a Police and Highways initiative which proposes an investment of about £5000 for flashing 30mph solar signs and a possible mobile monitoring sign.

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11 Play Park
Northumberland Estates have given permission to replace the play equipment. The new equipment has been installed and surrounding area seeded.. Grants have been received from Mid Tyne Community Trust £2000, Community Foundation £2500, Lottery Grants for Local Groups –Awards for All £10000 and a promise from Tynedale Council for £5800 (up to 25%).

It has been reported that some people are still “exercising” their dogs on the playing field and play area. Clerk to find out about dog signs.
Clerk to ascertain prices for new goal posts for the football field.

12 Risk Assessment and Management
The Council discussed the current Risk Assessment and Management document. It required amending with regard to the new play area. This area is let by Northumberland Estates to the Village Hall Committee. Need to seek clarification from Cllr Burn

13 Code of Conduct
The Council have adopted the Code of Conduct with the section 12(2) option.

14 Financial Matters
Grants Awarded
MTCT £2000, Community Foundation £2500, Lottery Grants for Local Groups £10000, War Memorial Trust £100
Bank Balances
3rd August 2007 Treasurer’s Account £5,577.86, Instant Access £16,444.50
Auction raised £3917.50
Approved Payments: Clerk’s salary £100, Clerk’s expenses £45.56, Hire of Hall (July & Aug) £20, Robson & Cowan £590.25 (502.34 vat £87.91), NPC War Memorial £150
BDO Stoy Hayward Audit (£70 plus £12.25 vat) £82.25
Clerk’s Salary – Annual Review
It was resolved that the Clerk’s salary be increased to £500 p.a.
Issues Arising Report from the audit of the annual return for the year ended 31 March 2007. “The audit of the annual return may not disclose all shortcomings of the systems as some matters may not have come to the attention of the auditor. For this reason, the matters raised may not be the only ones that exist.

The following issues have been raised to assist the readers of the annual return. They require no action to be taken by the Council

Comparatives restated
Weakness IdentifIed:
The comparative figures disclosed in Section 1 of the Annual Return do not agree to the audited Annual Return for the year ended 31 March 2006.

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Impact on the Council:
The comparative figures for the year ended 31 March 2006 were restated because an error was identified and we have verified these figures.
We are satisfied that the carried forward balance at 31 March 2007 is now fairly stated.
Further guidance on this matter can be obtained from the following source(s):
Governance and Accountability in Local Councils in England and Wales – A Practitioners Guide, NALC/OVW/SLCC
No other matters came to our attention.”
For and on behalf of BDO Stoy Hayward LLP 13 July 2007

15 Next Meeting

The next meeting of Birtley Parish Council will take place in the Village Hall at 8.00 pm on 4th December 2007

There being no other business the meeting was closed at 10.05 pm.
Signed Chairman …………………..

Date ………………………………..

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