The Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of Birtley Parish Council which was held in the Village Hall on 29th August 2007 commencing 8 pm.

1 Present Cllrs EN Coulson (Chairman), WG White, J Robson, DRB Burn,
Mrs SW Crone and Ms A Lowes
Also present: Clerk Robert Macfarlane

2 Apologies Cllr N Ridley and Cllr Alex Kerr

3 Declaration of Interest None

4 Minutes Minutes of the previous meeting held on 7th August having been circulated earlier were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

5 Matters Arising
Litter Bin – The bin in the Park still needs emptying. Clerk to contact TDC again.
Waterfalls Farm – NCC and Environment Agency are monitoring the site fill.
Notice Board – The owner of the wall would welcome a new notice board and is prepared to point the wall in preparation.

6 Communications All councillors were circulated with a list of correspondence
 Code of Conduct Committee – Clerk has been appointed.
 Playing Field Fencing – awaiting price from P Milburn.

7 Roads
Flooding – The flooding outside of Woodbine Cottage and Northumbria House will be attended to soon.
Pipe collapse under road – Near Dan’s Wood just before Catreen. John Davis NCC Roads will attend to this after his holidays

8 Planning
Green Rigg and Ray joint Public Inquiry BERR and Planning Inspectorate
Tynedale Council are holding a preliminary meeting on 17th September
Tynedale Local Development Framework – Site Allocations Consultation
SA083 Northumbrian Water
SA227 Land Factor for Newcastle Diocese
SA249 Northumberland Estates
Clerk to send a letter reflecting the views of BPC to Tynedale Council.

9 Reports
Village Hall The new play equipment bought by the Council is on land leased from Northumberland Estates by the Village Hall Committee. Clerk to look into the wording and extent of the lease.

10 Play Park
Costs to-date for the new equipment – £10477.10 and £9380.38
There is some concern that the Junior Slide has a small gap at the top of the ladder. This could pose a finger trap. Chairman will contact the suppliers.
Clerk is required to send invoices for all of the work carried out to Tynedale Council before the grant of up to £5800 (up to 25%) can be awarded.
It has been reported that some people are still “exercising” their dogs on the playing field and play area. Clerk to make further inquiries out about dog signs.
Cllr Crone to ascertain prices for new goal posts for the football field and the possibility of a FA grant.
Cllr Burn to look into the possibility of transferring the lease arrangement for the play area from the Village Hall Committee to the Parish Council.

11 Risk Assessment and Management
Clerk to contact Northumberland Estates re leases for the playing field, play park and Village Hall.

12 Financial Matters
Bank Balances
9th August 2007 Treasurer’s Account £5,577.86, Instant Access £16,444.50
Approved Payments: Lawn Mower Petrol £48.47

Next Meeting
The next meeting of Birtley Parish Council will take place in the Village Hall at 8.00 pm on 4th December 2007
There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.15 pm.