Minutes of the Meeting of Birtley Parish Council held in the Supper Room of Birtley Village Hall starting at 8.00 pm. Tuesday on 3rd August 2010.

Present Messrs EN Coulson (Chairman), DRB Burn, Mrs SW Crone, A Lowes and WG White. Clerk: Robert Macfarlane, Unitary Councillor Cllr E Heslop

Apologies Cllr J Robson and PC I Robertson

Declaration of Interest DRB Burn – Village Hall Committee, Cllr Heslop – Planning matters and Tynedale Sports Council, Cllr Crone – Drainage issues.

Minutes Minutes of the previous meeting held on 10th May were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising
 Play Area The matting has not been put down correctly and is being cut up by the lawn mower. Record RSS have carried out some repair work but the problem still exists. After a visit by Jo Forster they sent an estimate for replacing the grassmat of £3600.
 It was RESOLVED to purchase a seat (£120) to be sited in the play area.
 Notice Board The Parish Notice Board will soon be erected.

All councillors were circulated with a full list of correspondence.
NALC Annual Subscription, CAN, newsletter & Being a Good Employer booklet Northumberland Charter (Review), Tynedale Sports Council, CE Electric County Update, , Road Link Annual Report, Tynedale Hospice, Arriva Bus Update, Pharmacy services – consultation, CPRE overview, Record RSS Play Area quotation, Tree and Woodland Strategy.
• NCC – West Area Committee invite to parish councils 12th October at Hexham Mart
• Tynedale Magistrates’ Court Clerk instructed to write a letter of support to keep the Court open.
• Affordable Transport A number of issues were raised appertaining to the lack of accessibility to public transport. Cllr Heslop to explore options.
• GNAA The annual quiz will be held on 2nd October.
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The blocked drains outside of Birtley Hall have still to be attended to – Chairman to contact NCC Highways and this will be followed-up by Cllr Heslop.
Cllr Heslop is involved with a group trying to promote the prominence of Wark Bridge and as a result of meetings has made representations to the Area Committee. A survey report is imminent.

No issues.


NCC decisions under delegated powers for the following applications:

20090663 Development of luxury self-contained eco holiday centre comprising single storey orangery fitness suite, conversion of existing outbuilding into 3 no holiday lets, new build equestrian centre for sixteen horses, new build carriage house for no. 3 coaches (equestrian), multi-use facility and associated restaurant, new build no. 18 holiday let chalets and associated leisure facility, associated landscaping, access roads and parking. The Waterfalls Birtley NE48 3JQ BPC oppose this development. It is scheduled to be heard at the meeting of West Area Planning Committee the third Wednesday in June (Community Centre at Hexham). This application was refused permission 23rd June 2010.

20100267 Construction of single storey side extension, raise height of existing roof. Marlene Cottage. BPC support the application. Approved 23rd June 2010

MTCT Clerks will be contacted about potential dates for the next The Mid Tyne Community Trust meeting. The future of Community Forums is being reviewed.
Village Hall Hazel Pittock is now treasurer of the Village Hall Committee.
NCC Cllr Heslop outlined the austere measures that NCC are proposing as a result of the recession. The ownership, conservation and preservation of the lime kilns was discussed.

Financial Matters
Bank Statements 1st August 2010: Treasurer’s Account £775.87, BMM £2798.06
Income vat £57.75 Half precept £1250
Audit for the year ended 31 March 2010
The Audit was completed by BDO LLP on 8th June 2010
BDO LLP “There were no matters which came to our attention which required the issuing of a separate additional issues arising report.”
The Audit Opinion having been given the annual return was presented to the council. It was RESOLVED to approve and accept the annual return.
The notice of conclusion of the audit will be displayed in Parish Notice Board for 14 days.
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Approved Payments
The following were agreed:
Clerk’s salary £175, Clerk’s expenses £48.85 (£45.33 plus £3.52 vat), Hire of Hall £10 (August), Tynedale Sports Council £20, NALC £40.60, BDO LLP Audit £58.75, Anne Lowes (plants etc) £80, Birtley Village Hall Committee (Play Equipment insurance) £97.30.

Next Meeting
Tuesday 7th December 2010 at 8pm in the Supper Room of Birtley Parish Hall
There being no other business the meeting was closed at 8.45 pm.

Signed Chairman………………………………………
Date……………….………7th December 2010………….
Chairman: Mr EN Coulson, Vice Chair: Mr DRB Burn,
Councillors Mr J Robson and Mrs SW Crone, Mr WG White and Miss A Lowes

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