Present Messrs EN Coulson (Chairman), DRB Burn, J Robson, Mrs SW Crone and WG White. Clerk: Robert Macfarlane

Apologies Cllr A Lowes and Unitary Councillor Cllr E Heslop

Declaration of Interest
Cllr WG White took no part in the discussions or decisions made on the planning applications 12/00379/CLPROP and 12/001513/FUL.

Minutes Minutes of the meeting held on 15th May were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising
 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations The Council gave every child (under 16 years) a commemorative mug. The other activities did not take place and the donation of £80 for bunting was returned.
 Play Area The Clerk has applied to Awards for All to grant aid Phase II of the play area project. Baseworks will cost £2,250 plus vat and the Rubber Surfacing £2,950 plus vat.
 Wind Turbine Disruption The condition of the roads after the cable laying is causing concerns at NCC and a meeting has been arranged in September to look, on site, at the issues.
Correspondence All councillors were circulated with a full list of correspondence.
Zurich Municipal Insurance, BDO Information, Funding for Sport and Outdoor Play, NCC LDF Drop in sessions, NCC Parking Tariff Structure, NNPA Conserving our dark skies, Natural Burials, Tynedale Sports Council AGM, Road Link Annual Report, CPRE Newsletter, Audit Commission consultation and Charges, Review of Financial Support for Bus Services, CAN Newsletter summer issue.
• Play Field Stone Walls Cllr Robson has arranged for a stone mason (M Robson) to repair the parts of the wall that are damaged.
• Internal Audit – Jill Duncan has agreed to audit next year’s Annual Return
• CAN Oil Consortium A resident is trying to arrange a Birtley consortium.
Local Transport Plan (LTP) Programme 2013-14
Councils are invited to submit transport priorities for the next year’s Local Transport Plan and the top three priorities will be assessed for inclusion in the draft programme
Birtley PC Priorities
Repair and upgrade the road (C213 and C214) leading from the village to A68
Cut and trim hedges and trees near the junction of C214 and A68
Examine and clear all drains at top of village near Birtley Shields road end and Piper Gates

No issues.

Planning Applications
12/001513/FUL New access from highway and creation of parking area. The Cottage Birtley NE48 3HL Granted permission 30th July 2012
12/01286/VARYCO Variation of condition no 16 for planning permission T/20060040 Land at Green Rigg Grid ref NY 918820 Granted permission 25th July 2012
12/01745/FUL Erect a new sculpture at the site car park with single solar powered LED floodlight. BAE Systems The Steel Bellingham NE48 2EZ Granted permission 27th July 2012
11/03001/FUL Construction of an agricultural dwelling Buteland House NE48 2EX Granted permission 25th May 2012

Village Hall Nothing to report
NCC Cllr Heslop was delayed at County Hall and has passed on information by E-mail.

Grant Application
Over the last two years the grass cutting on the playing field has been rather unsatisfactory and there is concern over Northumberland County Council’s delegation of services. The Clerk was asked to apply to County Durham Community Foundation for a grant of £16,000 to go towards purchasing a Kubota Grass Mower.

Code of Conduct
As part of the Localism Act 2011 the Standards Board for England was abolished and parish councils are obliged to make arrangements to adopt a new code of conduct. The Council RESOLVED to adopt the Northumberland ALC code of conduct for local councils.

Annual Audit and Annual Return
The Annual Audit in accordance with Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2011 (Regulations 12-16) is now concluded and the audit opinion having been given by BDO LLP. There were no matters arising. It was proposed by Cllr Robson and seconded by Cllr Burn and RESOLVED that the Council approve and accept the Annual Return.

Document Review (Financial Regulations & Risk Assessment)
There were no suggested additions or alterations to any of the Council’s documents.

Bank Statements 1st August 2012: Treasurer’s Account £847.83, BMM £4337.78
Section 137 Expenditure 2012/13 to £6.80 per elector. With 133 residents total is £904.40
Approved Payments The following were agreed: Clerk’s salary £200, Clerk’s expenses £41.19 (£2.33 vat), NCC Hire of Hall £10 (August), BDO LLB Audit £60 Internal Auditor £50, Birtley Village Hall (Play Equipment Insurance) £119.43, TVCS Petrol £68, OneandOne Website £25.16, CAN £15 Total £588.78
NB Payment to L Gosling of £80 for Jubilee Celebrations (Cheque returned)
Clerk’s Salary It was agreed to increase this by £50 per annum

Next Meeting
Tuesday 4th December 2012 at 8pm in the Supper Room of Birtley Parish Hall
There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.00 pm.