Minutes of the Meeting of Birtley Parish Council held in the Supper Room of Birtley Village Hall starting at 8.00 pm. on 3rd March 2009.

Present Messrs EN Coulson (Chairman), DRB Burn, J Robson, WG White, Mrs SW Crone and Unitary Councillor Cllr E Heslop. Hexham Courant reporter Ruth Lognonne
Clerk: Robert Macfarlane

Apologies Ms A Lowes and District Councillor N Ridley

Declaration of Interest none

Minutes Minutes of the previous meeting held on 2nd December were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising
 The Parish Notice Board has been delivered and Chairman will liaise with residents to select a new site. The Chairman will order a set of matching legs (£400) on which to support the notice board.
 The football goalposts have arrived and holes have been dug ready for concrete. The weather has delayed the project.
 TDC have delivered a wheelie bin for use in the park area.
 TDC are keen to support a bottle recycling facility in Birtley. The verge area of Birtley Shields road and the Heugh Road end was identified as suitable but the Council stressed that the site would have to be closely monitored because of the concern over fly tipping.
 The public phone box has been removed.
 Local Strategic Partnership. Cllr P Saunders, Corsenside PC was elected to represent Tynedale North at a meeting held in Wark Town Hall on 10th February.
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All councillors were circulated with a full list of correspondence:
LSP West Area Partnership Strategic Partnership, Transition Tynedale – Promote low carbon lifestyle, Planning Forum, Hanging Baskets, FOI Publicity Scheme, Communities in Control, Narrowing the Gap NCC Education consultation, DBO Arrangements, Dog fouling TDC, CAN donation, Rede Tyne and Coquet Sports Centre- Donation request, TDC Minutes, NCC Committee Papers, CAN Newsletter, CPRE Overview & NTC Publications.
• Grant Award. Tynedale Council have given £900 from Beacon LPSA Grants budget to Birtley Parish Council
• Royal Garden Party 21st July 2009 The Chairman’s name will go into a County wide draw and two councillors will be invited.

John Davies NCC Highways Inspector has been out to view the excess water running down both sides of the Kiln Bank. One side of the road has been repaired and the problem seems to have been solved. NCC Highways division is very busy at the moment with emergency flood damage and potholes.

No issues.

Cllrs EN Coulson and DRB Burn (earlier in the evening) attended NCC planning meeting which outlined the new proposals under the Unitary Authority.
Northumberland (Green Rigg/Ray/Steadings) Windfarms Public Inquiry
Conclusions and a final report will take up to one year to produce.
Planning Applications
 20080972 made to TDC Change of use from water filter house to self catering accommodation. The Water House Redesmouth NE48 2ER BPC no objections. Granted permission 15th December
 20070986 Agricultural workers dwelling at Buteland Farm NE48 2EX
Refused at Development Control Meeting 19th December but on 27th February conditional approval

Kirkharle Wind Farm Planning Application by Npower Renewables Ltd. The Council resolved to object to this development with similar reasons to previous applications.

MTCT The Trust is acting as the “lead” organisation for the Community Forum. The Council decided to pay £50 affiliation fee to the Trust.
A meeting was held on 26th February at Newbrough and part of the agenda covered Business in the Community. A report on the meeting will be circulated to councillors.

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Reports continued
Village Hall The Village Hall project is in two stages, roof and wall. Building will commence when the weather improves. Funding and grant applications are still ongoing.
NCC Cllr Heslop has again been in contact with Monitoring and Enforcement Officers, Mineral, Waste & Development Control NCC with reference to Waterfalls Farm. The estimate of the cost for clearing away all waste is considerable. A possible planning application has interrupted procedures and effected progress.
Cllr Heslop reported back from TDC Planning Department stating that they had appreciated letter sent by the Clerk to TDC Chief Planning Officer thanking her and her department for there services to Tynedale. She replied to the Council’s letter and passed on our concerns over the new planning arrangements to the Unitary Authority. (Helen Winter will retire on 31st March). There are still many appointments to be made to the Unitary Council over the next three weeks. NCC is also very busy with introducing the Localities initiative. The County budget will reflect a 3.8% increase.

Financial Matters
Bank Statements 9th February Treasurer’s Account £1719.04, Instant Access £3695.24
Audit 2009 BDO Stoy Hayward
Risk Management and Financial Procedures & Regulations
The Auditors suggest a level of Fidelity Guarantee Insurance high enough to cover the maximum amount of cash held in the bank plus investments at any one time. As a rough guide one would consider as sufficient the amount held at the bank plus the first installment of the precept. Using their calculations our cover, at present, for £13000 is more than adequate.
Section 137 Expenditure This is set to increase in 2008/09 to £5.86 per elector.
Grant Aid
Requests from CAN, Tynedale Sports Council and Rede Tyne & Coquet Sports Centre
Tynedale Council have given £900 from Beacon LPSA Grants budget to BPC

Payments The following were agreed: Clerk’s salary £150, Clerk’s expenses £31.22, Hire of Hall £10 (March), Allianz Lawn Mower Insurance £164.11, MTCT £50, Northumberland Estates £1 (Agreed payment to CAN £15)

14 Next Meeting
Next Meeting: Annual Meeting of the Parish and the PC Annual Meeting Tuesday 5th May 2009 at 8pm in the Supper Room of Birtley Village Hall
There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.25 pm.

Signed Chairman ………………………

Date ……………………………………

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