Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Birtley Parish Council held in the Supper Room of Birtley Village Hall starting at 8.00 pm. on 5th May 2009.

Present Messrs EN Coulson (Chairman), DRB Burn, J Robson and Mrs SW Crone, A Lowes and WG White.
Clerk: Robert Macfarlane, Unitary Councillor Cllr E Heslop

Apologies None

Declaration of Interest DRB Burn – Village Hall Committee

Election of Chairman
Mr David R B Burn proposed and Mr J Robson seconded Mr EN Coulson as Chairman.

Election of Vice-Chairman
Mr EN Coulson proposed and Mr J Robson seconded Mr David R B Burn as Vice-Chairman.


Village Hall Committee DRB Burn
Birtley Parochial Church Council DRB Burn
Birtley Parochial Church Council SW Crone
Mid Tyne Community Trust DRB Burn
North Tyne and Redesmouth Vacant

Minutes Minutes of the previous meeting held on 3rd March were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising
 Notice Board All the necessary components of the Parish Notice Board have arrived and it will soon be erected.
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 Play Area The matting has not been put down correctly and is being cut up by the lawn mower. Record RSS have been contacted and have visited the site but have not reported back to the Council. The Clerk to contact them again.
 The football goalposts have been erected but need “elbows” to hang the nets on.
 Bottle Bank The area identified on the of Birtley Shields road and the Heugh Road was objected to by a resident. This facility may not now happen as Tynedale Council no longer exists.

Correspondence All councillors were circulated with a full list of correspondence.
LSP West Area Partnership Strategic Partnership
Equality and Human Rights Commission
Allianz Insurance
Last TDC Minutes
The Boundary Committee – Electoral Review Stage One
Spinal Injuries Association 35th Anniversary
CAN Spring Meeting – 13th May at Whalton
NCC Hexham Mobile Library
WRVS Getabout,
HM Revenue & Customs VAT workshop
European Parliamentary Elections 4th June
Road Link (A69) Limited Annual Report 2008-09
Invite to NCC Area Committee Meeting 12th May
• Tynedale Sports Council – letter of thanks and receipt for grant.
• Internal Audit – letter from MMM Mitcheson re present audit. The cheque (000140) for £250 paid to the entertainer Mr T Kelly at the Play Park function on 7th September has not been receipted. All of the Council were present at this event and had agreed and witnessed the transaction. Clerk to contact T Kelly for receipt/invoice.

A number of areas were identified as being in a poor state of repair: Road down the Graves, Treetops to Wark, Road up to A68 and top of Great Wood. The Council regard pot-hole filling as only a temporary measure. Cllr Heslop is involved with a group trying to identify a more satisfactory and economic solution.

No issues.

 Green Rigg and Ray joint Public Inquiry BERR and Planning Inspectorate
Still no final report from the Inspectorate
Waterfalls Farm.
Cllr Heslop has been pursuing this matter with R Willis, Assistant Monitoring and Enforcement Officer, Mineral, Waste & Development Control NCC. A potential planning application by the owner has held up proceedings however NCC may soon take some action. The clean up could cost as much as £60,000.
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MTCT The Mid Tyne Community Trust will lead the Community Forum for the Mid Tyne group of councils. Meetings will usually take place on the last Thursday of the month. The meeting held on 26th February focussed on local businesses. Alex Kerr has been elected chairman and Cllr E Heslop has given the forum his full support including his annual allowance of £15,000.
Village Hall The insulation project is still ongoing and the Committee is negotiating support and grant aid. They are very near their target of £40,000. The Council agreed to pay £2,000 towards this project.
Play Area There is an issue with insurance of the play equipment. At present the equipment is on land leased by the Village Hall Committee (from Northumberland Estates). It was thought that the play equipment should be gifted to the community under the supervision of the Village Hall Committee. However the Village Hall Committee may not wish to take on this responsibility so it was proposed that the Council take up the lease of the Play Park and pay rent directly to Northumberland Estates when it is up for renewal. A public picnic will be held in the summer to celebrate the new play park.
NCC Cllr Heslop has been appointed Chair of the Licensing Committee. The County are to review the “Localities” initiative as there seems to be a lack of enthusiasm regards the Forums. Susi Goncu and Richard Powel have been appointed as localities officers.

Financial Matters
Bank Statements 31st March 2009: Treasurer’s Account £877.33, BMM £3,695.84
Clerk’s Salary
It was agreed that this would be increased to £700 per annum.
Annual Financial Report: This was accepted by the Council and signed by the Chairman
Audit arrangements:
Statement of Assurance was Approved
Annual Governance Statement was Approved
Display the Audit Notice in Parish Notice Board from 6th April to 19th May
Make records available to general public 20th April to 18th May 2009
Completed Audit to HLB AV Audit by 22nd May 2009
Internal Audit:
To be completed by Miss MM Mitcheson (Outstanding issues noted in letter of 3rd May)
Approved Payments
The following were agreed: Clerk’s salary £162.50, Clerk’s expenses £35.23 (£33.56 plus £1.57 vat), Hire of Hall £10 (May), Allianz Insurance Ltd £401.17, CAN £15 (agreed last meeting), Internal Audit £50, NALC £38, Hexham Courant Notice of Annual Meeting £37.66 (£32.75 plus £4.91 vat) Greenbarnes £415.38 for the notice board legs.
14 Next Meeting
Tuesday 4th August 2009 at 8pm in the Supper Room of Birtley Parish Hall
There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.45 pm.

Chairman: Mr EN Coulson, Vice Chair: Mr DRB Burn,
Councillors Mr J Robson and Mrs SW Crone, Mr WG White and Miss A Lowes

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