An Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council was held in the supper room of Birtley Village Hall at 8 pm. 26th July 2007

1 Present Chairman: Mr EN Coulson, Mr DRB Burn, Mr J Robson, Mr WG White,
Miss A Lowes. Clerk: R Macfarlane

2 Apologies Mrs SW Crone and Cllr A Kerr.

3 Interests No disclosures.

4 Planning The Council discussed the Site Allocations Development Planning Document which forms part of the Tynedale Local Development Framework which will replace the adopted Local Plan. The LDF will identify specific sites for particular future development e.g. sites for new housing or employment development. This will mean that the future use and development of the sites will be set out clearly.

The options document is the first key stage in the process. TDC have invited the Council’s views and comments on all of the site allocation options set out. The TDC will analyse these and do detailed assessments of the sites and those that do not conform with the Core Strategy will not be put forward by Tynedale.

BPC agreed on the following initial statements with the relevant reasons (to be reviewed at next Council Meeting on 7th August)

SA 083 — Option 1. Planning permission already granted.
SA 223 — Option 1. Parish Council object to this proposal as no details of any development have been presented.
SA 223 — Option 2. Parish Council object to this proposal because of the standard of housing acceptable.
SA 223 — Option 3. Parish Council would not object to some housing close to the road, for plans submitted by local people, but would object to the development of the whole area of the Glebe land.
SA 249 — Option I. Parish Council object to the proposal, this area is unsuitable for affordable housing as it comprises the Village Hall, the new play area & the playing field.
SA 249 — Option 2. Parish Council accept this as recreation as it comprises the Village Hall, the new children’s play area and the playing field.

There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9 pm.

Signed Chairman ……………………….

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